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To design using the DesignTools,  please email your university/school/district domain to designspace@QC.CUNY.EDU      Upon confirmation, register your profile on the DesignSpace.  This makes sure that your exemplars show your name and affiliation and for you to receive feedback on your exemplars before publishing.

Articulated Assessment Transfer Tasks and ICANADAPT Units

The DesignSpace is for instructors across the world to design articulated performance assessment.

Each level contains tasks in modes of communication–Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational, at three levels of learner engagement. The tasks align with an overarching context for a specific discipline and audience, reflecting the manner in which we use the language in the real world. All three levels can work as a cohort together to solve the novel problem posed in the context and create the product or deliverable.

This DesignSpace gives instructors the flexibility to design across

any three target levels of learner engagement K-16.

All World Language-MFL teachers are welcome to join and design.

  Intercultural Curriculum Aligns Novel Assessment Design Articulated Performance and Transfer (ICANADAPT) Units unpack one target level of the AATTs into a full unit, with formative assessment tasks at lesson level for Stage 3 in this UbD framework.  See the exemplars below, make a profile, and use the tools to design units for transfer in an articulated curriculum.
AATT Review Criteria
AATT Review Criteria
Please give attribution to this website, Dr. Eddy, and to the teacher’s exemplar for your publications, presentations, and lit reviews on intercultural curriculum and performance assessment design. Please give proper citation and attribution when using and adapting concepts and materials found in Dr. Eddy’s books, papers, presentations and this DesignSpace portal.
The entire site: Eddy, J. (2018). DesignSpace.
Exemplar citation:  Xie, L. (2019). Family Life.  DesignSpace.

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