Technology in our daily lives Featured, Open
By: Norka Delgado (Floral Park Memorial)
Topic(s): C. Science, Technology and the Arts, Technology, Media, & Social Media

Enduring Understanding:
Students will understand that use of technology has crossed barriers regardless of different cultures.
Students will understand that technology is taking control of people’s lives.

Essential Questions:
How does technology affect people’s daily lives?
How technology can improve your daily activities?

You are part of the technology fair at your school and you need to provide the audience interesting information about different aspects of technology.

Novice High-CEFR A1/A2

Infographic about the popular social media platforms in Mexico.


Students will read the infographic and answer questions about popular and unpopular social media platforms using Google Form.

I can read and identify the most and least popular social media platforms that are used in Mexico.


In groups, students will use Google Forms to survey their classmates about the most popular social media platforms that they use and create a graph with the results.

I can prepare a survey and determine the most popular social media platforms in my community.


Students will use ThingLink to create an interactive poster comparing and contrasting the popular social media platforms in their community and Mexico. Students will use the website qr-code-generator to create a QR code and make the poster available for the audience.

I can create a poster about popular social media platforms and compare and contrast them between Mexico and their community.

Intermediate Low-CEFR A2

Music video of the song "Internet"


Students will watch the video using Edpuzzle and answer comprehensive questions about the use of Internet.

I can analyze the lyrics of song and answer questions about the different ways in which we use the internet for our daily activities.


Students will use Google Forms to post a poll about the best and worst applications, websites or electronic devices for each of the activities mentioned throughout the video. Students will post their results on Padlet and come to a consensus upon analyzing the results.

I can create a survey about the best ways to perform technological activities and interpret the results.


Students will create a podcast to recommend the best ways to use technology. Students will use Vacaroo to create a QR code and make the podcast available to the audience.

I can recommend applications, websites, electronic devices, etc that will improve our daily activities.

Intermediate High-CEFR B1

Articles about technological tools to improve learning.


Students will read an article about technological tools that facilitate learning. Students will utilize Padlet to categorize the tools by their use.

I can analyze the descriptions of each technological tool and categorize them by their use.


Students will create a graphic organizer with their ideas about the different issues they have had in the past years in each class and what technological tool they used to help them learn better using Mindmup. Students will post their graphic organizer on Padlet where they will provide and receive feedback.

I can discuss with a partner about the technological tools that are useful for each subject.


Students use loom to create a video tutorial to suggest the technological tools that students can use to improve their learning in each class and briefly explain their use. Students will also use the website qr-code-generator to create a QR code of the video and share it with the audience.

Students can create a video that recommends the best technological tools for learning and explain how to use them.

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