The Character Lunch Box (Kyara-Ben) Featured, Open
By: Shiyo Kuo-Flynn (PS147 Isaac Remsen)
Topic(s): B. Contemporary Life, Food & Meal Taking

Enduring Understanding:

The type of lunch meals prepared in each household reflects one’s cultural belief.
People perceive the cultural value of lunch meals differently in the world.

Essential Question:

What does Kyara-Ben tell us about the role of parents/caregivers at home?

Japanese class has been selected to enter in this year's Kyara-Ben Contest hosted by JETAA.

The students will be responsible for creating their original Kyara-Ben along with the Japanese infographic poster that explains about what is included in the lunch box.

Novice High-CEFR A1/A2


Students watch a video clip of character bento (Kyara- ben) and fill in the True or False question sheets.

I can identify and recognize the food ingredients/cooking tools related to the creation of Kyara-Ben.


Students select one Kyara-ben example that attracted their attention the most from the video and talk about what was included in the lunch box in pairs.

I can share and talk about the item that I liked with my peer after watching a video.


Students work in pairs and make a chart to rank each Kyara-ben they have seen in the video in order of their preferences.

I can present my ranking chart about various types of Kyara-ben to my peers.

Intermediate Mid-CEFR A2/B1


Students visit an authentic website to select 3 different Kyara-ben and write a brief recipes for each Kyara-ben that they selected.

I can understand the description given for each Kyara-ben and explain how to make it in a written form.


Students select one Kyara-ben from the website above and share it with their peer. They can discuss about their grocery shopping plan for what ingredients to get and where to get in their local neighborhood.

I can exchange information and discuss about my grocery shopping plan for the Kyara-ben with my peer.


Students film a cooking show video while making their Kyara-ben based on the recipe from the website.

I can present information on how to make Kyara-ben step by step in front of my peers.

Intermediate High-CEFR B1


Students read an authentic book about the 47 prefectures-based Kyrara-ben throughout Japan and summarize one section of the book.

I can summarize my findings from the book to give detailed information on the concept of a prefecture- based Kyara-ben.


Students exchange their summaries and give feedback on each other.

I can read and provide my peer with feedback for the summary related to the different types of Kyara-ben that represents each prefecture in Japan.


Students debate in groups regarding whether or not Kyara-ben helps educate children about food nutrition.

I can participate in a debate regarding the cultural value of Kyara-ben and support my arguments using the authentic cultural resources.

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