Festival Celebrations and Impact on Global Environment Featured, Open
By: Sushma Malhotra (Queens College)
Topic(s): Celebrations, Customs, & Traditions, D. Global Awareness & Community Engagement, Environmental Issues & Sustainability, Public Health

Enduring Understanding:
Environmental issues can impact cultural celebrations.
Both the individual and community contribute to the regional response on health issues.

Essential Questions:

To what extent do environmental issues inform and change cultural practices and products?
How is each individual responsible for their contribution to the health of their community at the national or international level?

Context: An environmental health organization seeks informational material for a Green Diwali to help people stay healthy during and after the celebrations.

Novice High-CEFR A1/A2

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrrW3rO51ak

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpNpPl-gy-w
Vocabulary for Diwali

3. https://wp.nyu.edu/virtualhindi/diwali-3/


Students watch a Diwali celebration video featuring Diwali in different regions.

Students will circle items on a sheet included in the Diwali celebration video.

1. I can watch the video and memorize four to five words.
2. I can match Diwali related words with related pictures.
3. I can circle the right words when I hear them pronounced.


Students can share with a partner and ask how you prepare and celebrate Diwali. Decide which items are needed for the festival preparations.

1. I can identify and share some basic facts on the items for Diwali.
2. I can ask and answer simple questions and choose healthy components of the Diwali celebration.


Students can create a poster with a list of items for the Diwali celebration preparations.

Students design an infographic listing healthy and unhealthy components of Diwali festival celebration, their preferences, and present it for the organization.

1. I can create a poster with items needed for Diwali celebrations.
2. I can draw pictures with words for Diwali celebrations.

Intermediate Mid-CEFR A2/B1

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o60grk3oj0

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpNpPl-gy-w
Vocabulary for Diwali Festival Celebrations

3. https://wp.nyu.edu/virtualhindi/diwali-3/


Watch a video on various regions celebrating the Diwali festival.

Use the graphic organizer to enter different information about the Festival celebration.

1. I can watch the video and fill in the gaps with missing words.
2. I can fill in the missing information on the graphic organizer.


Students can ask questions to compare and contrast which regions celebrate pollution-free Diwali.

Students can exchange information in conversations, asking a variety of follow-up questions about Diwali.

1.I can categorize information on main idea points and key information about Diwali celebrations.
2. I can ask and answer questions about Diwali celebration using the pictures with readings from different regions.


Students create a PowerPoint presentation, Voicethread or video with details of Diwali celebration and its impact on the environment.

Students compare and contrast to make a presentation on environmental concerns across regions during Diwali celebrations.

1. I can create a PowerPoint showing Diwali festival celebrations.
2. I can write basic sentences to elaborate the festival story.
3. I can compare and contrast Diwali celebrations at various regions using a Venn Diagram.

Intermediate High-CEFR B1




Students will read texts and watch videos celebrating Diwali in various regions.

Students will read the articles or stories about Diwali. After reading students can summarize the cause and effects of pollution in the environment.

1. I can gather information about Diwali celebration and its preparations.
2. I can find causes and effects of Diwali celebrations.
3. I can research the environment reports for its impact on health and environment.


Students will share their experiences of Diwali celebration in various regions and decide which region they would like to go to celebrate Diwali and why.

1. I can ask and answer simple questions about Diwali celebrations at different regions in India.
2. I can discuss the region and the history of Diwali celebrations.
3. Students can come to consensus on preferred regions to celebrate Diwali and give reasons for my choice.


Using reports on the impact of Diwali celebration on the environment and solutions to control pollution, students will write a letter to the health department on how to control pollution during the festival celebration.

1. I can research the effects of Diwali celebrations and find ways to control the pollution in the environment.
2. I can prepare a Power Point and present it to the related organization.
I can write a report about Diwali celebration effects and the ways to control pollution.

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