Quarantine Rules Featured, Open
By: jieun yi (queens college)
Topic(s): D. Global Awareness & Community Engagement, Public Health

EU: The quarantine rules of South Korea are based on their cultural perspectives.
EU: Collective good is valued over individual rights.
EU: Self Image is defined by "we" rather than "I".

EQ: Does Loyalty matter?
EQ: What does culture tell us about healthcare?
EQ: What is interdependence?

For traveling to South Korea, there are distinctive quarantine rules. Travelers need materials and information on the rules for travel during these times.

Novice High-CEFR A1/A2



Students watch the infographics of several school posters and look for words that are related to the rules and symptoms of covid-19.

I can identify do or do not list in quarantine.


In conversation with a partner, students ask each other questions about the symptoms of covid-19?

I can ask and answer the questions about the symptoms of illness in a specific situation.


Students will make a Venn diagram and compare and contrast the different responses in emergency health conditions.

I can make a Venn diagram of differences and similarities between the US and Korea related to health.

Intermediate Mid-CEFR A2/B1



Students watch the YouTube video which includes animation for public commercials about the covid19 precaution rules.

I can list what rules there are for preventing covid19 in Korean.


Students will have a conversation as an examiner and traveler with the health status questionnaire which is using currently in Incheon Airport.

I can ask and answer the questionnaire in a real situation with proper use of Korean


Students will create a poster that includes the important quarantine rules in Korean.

I can make a poster that includes important information related to the quarantine rules with simple sentences.

Advanced Low-CEFR B1/B2



Students will visit the website of the Department of Health and Welfare in South Korea and find out the information regarding the quarantine rules.

I can analyze the current issue about the pandemic and worldwide rules.


Students will debate in groups comparing and contrasting cultural differences regarding quarantining based on cultural perspectives such as collectivism and personalization.

I can express my perspectives with evidence to support my reasons.


Students create a commercial to persuade people to keep the quarantine rules with supporting reasons.

I can create the video by synthesizing both perspectives and suggesting my own idea with supportive reasons

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